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Construsteel Steel Fabrication Software

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ConstruSteel, optimising the world of steel.

ConstruSteel’s software solutions offer an efficient, cost-effective, steel production process with minimal failure expenses. Our software solutions serve steel construction and metal fabrication companies, delivering customized solutions for different stages of the production process. Regardless of your company’s size or the design of your production process, we have the software solutions to fulfill your needs.

High quality production with Advanced Scribing

  • Generate layout marking on both main and sub parts.
  • Easily select types of scribing.
  • Flexible output selection.
  • Never scribe more than needed.
  • No manual scribing means less failure costs.

In combination with CNC-controlled machines, Advanced Scribing is one of the most interesting Tekla plug-ins for the structural steel industry. This powerful and easy-to-use innovation has proven itself in many steel fabrication companies due to its unique and flexible features.

Advanced Scribing generates scribing lines, pop-marks and layout marking on selected or all steel profiles and plates of your 3D BIM model and ensures that CNC-machines are able to produce more efficiently.

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