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GEKA Sigma 600 1000 CNC Beam Drill

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SIGMA: Your CNC Production Line for Steel Profiles

The SIGMA CNC production line offers a range of impressive features:

  • Versatile Profile Processing: Capable of handling steel beam profiles, angles, flat bars, U-profiles, square, and rectangular tubes.
  • CNC Precision: Fully programmable via CNC for precise and automated operations.
  • Streamlined Machining: The machine references profiles and processes all operations with tool changes optimized for efficiency.
  • Innovative Profile Rotator: An optional feature that reduces downtime and manual repositioning, enhancing overall productivity.

Experience the future of steel profile processing with SIGMA. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of this advanced CNC production line.

Section volume max. (mm) 600 x 600 1000 x 1000
min. (mm) 70 x 70 70 x 70
Bar length standard max. (mt) 12 12
Maximum processable length ( Last 100mm Not processable) max.(mt) 14 14
Suitable for beams, UPN/UPE, angles, flat bar, square tube yes yes yes
Drill heads no. 1 1
Spindles per vertical drill head no. 1 1
Drilling diameter max. (mm) 40 40
Power per head Kw 13 13
Program controlled spindle rotation speed RPM 300-3000 300-3000
Automatic tool changer capacity no. of tools 5 5
Drilling, tapping, milling, countersinking, and marketing (optional) yes yes
Tool holder ISO DIN 69871 (SK40/ISO40)
Complementary stroke to the X axis for the vertical head (U-axis) mm 250 250
X axis positioning  speed (portal) mt/min 40 40
Y axis positioning  speed (drill head) mt/min 40 40
Laser sensor for quick profile position detection and positioning Std included included
Internal lubrication Std included included
External lubrication Std included included
Light security Std included included
Operating system Std windows 10 windows 10
Ethernet connection and remote service for troubleshooting Std included included
Rotating system for beams up to 600 mm Optional

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