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Daito GTAR Automatic Bandsaw Line

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Introducing the Ultimate Bandsaw: World-Class Speed, Precision, and Reliability

Prepare to be amazed by Daito GTAR / GTR, the world’s fastest, most productive, most reliable, and most accurate bandsaws ever created. With a cutting capacity of either 1000mm or 1300mm, these bandsaws are engineered to redefine your cutting experience. Here’s why they stand out:


  • Cutting Capacities: 1000mm or 1300mm
  • CNC Controlled for Precision
  • Automatic Cut Optimization
  • Width Checking for Error Prevention
  • Versatile Integration Options



  • Double Mitre Cutting Left / Right.
  • The saw frame automatically swivels left and right, -45 degree Right and +60 degrees Left.
  • Mitre position is controlled by the CNC and driven by servo motor and absolute encoder.
  • Zero backlash swivel frame.
  • Optimised cutting by CNC.
  • Automatic work height recognition.
  • Linear guide ways for smooth operation.
  • Trim cut removal by magnet (*option).
  • Automatic pinching escape.
  • Last cut function.
  • Dual Flood and mist coolant system with built in coolant tank in the base of the machine. Dramatically improves blade life, performance and longevity of the saw.



Capacity Width 90º 1020mm 1300mm
-45º 600mm 800mm
+60º 350mm 400mm
Material Feeding and Measurment Pinch Roller / Measuring Disk
Trim Cut Removal Automatic (Option)
Blade Size 9280 x 67 x t1.6 9840 x 67 x t1.6
Down Feed / Movement Digital servo drive
Coolant system Dual system (fluid and mist)

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