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Daito DCM Combined Drilling Coping Marking Beam Line

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Revolutionize your steel fabrication operations with the Daito DCM1000 ‘Combined’ Drilling, Coping, and Marking Beam Line. This cutting-edge solution is designed to enhance your productivity and precision like never before. Here are the key features that make it a game-changer for your steel fabrication needs:


  1. All-in-One Efficiency
  2. High-Precision Drilling with 3 Spindles 
  3. Versatile Plasma Cutting and Coping (Hypertherm)
  4. Efficient Layout Marking
  5. Customised Layout
  6. Automation and Optimisation
  7. User-Friendly Interface
  8. Japans Renown Reliability and Durability


With the Daito DCM1000, you’re investing in a comprehensive solution that enhances your steel fabrication capabilities, increases efficiency, and maintains uncompromised precision. Elevate your steel fabrication processes and take your projects to new heights with the DCM1000 ‘Combined’ Beam Line.

Australia’s favourite Beam Line.

Introducing the Daito DCM: Revolutionizing Steel Fabrication

Experience the future of steel fabrication with the Daito DCM Combined Drilling Plasma Coping Robot machine. This state-of-the-art system is designed to transform your steel workshop and elevate your fabrication capabilities. Here’s what makes it a game-changer:

  • Versatile Functionality: The Daito DCM combines drilling, plasma cutting, and coping in a single, integrated machine. This versatility streamlines your processes, saving time and effort.
  • Precision and Speed: Benefit from the precision of computer-controlled operations and the speed of robotic automation. Achieve consistent, high-quality results on every project.
  • Space Optimization: Maximize your workshop space with a compact design that combines multiple functions, reducing the need for multiple machines and workstations.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Say goodbye to material handling hassles. The Daito DCM’s seamless workflow ensures efficient material processing, eliminating the need for transferring materials between machines.
  • Labor Efficiency: This machine demands minimal operator involvement, reducing labor costs and optimizing manpower.
  • Cost Savings: Invest in one machine that replaces multiple standalone devices. Save on equipment costs, maintenance, and floor space.

Unleash the power of the Daito DCM Combined Drilling Plasma Coping Robot machine and take your steel fabrication to new heights. Embrace the future of efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness in your workshop.

Process these profiles all-in-one machine 

DCM features


Processing samples



Work Capacity Mni. 75×40×t5(Box Tubing:12.3, FlatBar:19.0)
Max. 1.025x500x150
Drill Spindle Axis 3Axes Top/ Left /Right
Spindle rpm 3,000rpm (Eco-drive) / Max. 5,000rpm
No. of Drills in ATC Each Unit Top 8 / Left, Right 7
Min. Work Length Auto Cycle 2,050mm (1000mm Without Coping)
Main Work Feeder Feeding System Pinch Roller
Feeding Speed Max. 50m/min
Max. Indexible Wight 8,000kg
Measuer Measuring Disk
Motor Output Spindle 8.5kW × 3 (Direct Drive Spindle)
Plasma 70.0kW
Robot 2. 0k W
Spindle Temperature Regualtor 4.3kW
Hydraulic 5.5KW
Others 16.5kW
Total 123.8KW
Power Consumption 250A(AC200V)
Machine weight 14,000 kg
  For the details of specific workpiece application, contact DAITO. * The dust collector is not included

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