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Kotec KAP-150 CNC Angle Line

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Introducing the Kotec KAP-150 CNC Angle Line: a cost effective and highly efficient solution in angle processing technology. This advanced CNC machine is engineered to streamline and optimize the fabrication process for angle steel, offering precision cutting, punching, and marking functionalities. Designed for efficiency and accuracy, the KAP-150 angle processing, ensures superior results for various structural steel applications.

Key Features of our Machine:

  1. Automatic Hydraulic Angle Punching: Offers convenient angle punching, driven by hydraulic power for precision and efficiency.
  2. Three-Punch ATC (Automatic Tool Changer): Provides versatility in punching applications, allowing for multiple tools to be used seamlessly.
  3. Single-Blade Shear Cutting: Efficiently cuts materials, ensuring clean and precise cuts for the angle beam.
  4. Gripper Feeding for Angle Beam: Ensures a seamless feeding mechanism for the angle beam, optimizing the manufacturing process.
  5. Windows OS System: Easy data loading and operation facilitated by a user-friendly Windows OS, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in managing the machine.


Max. Processing power 103Ton
Max. Processing capacity 50mm×50mm×4t ~ 150mm×150mm×15t
Max. Punching capacity Max. Ø26×15t
Processing data entry Common patterns available
Tool change ATC(Auto tool change) 3 set per axis
Shearing pressing Power Power 220ton(Single cutting type)
Shearing capacity Min. 50mm×50mm×4t ~ Max. 150mm×150mm×15t
In & out feeding & Supply type (Option) IN : Automatic(Chain&Block Type) & Arm Supply Type
Out : Automatic(Cylinder&Arm Type)
Dimension(W×L×H) 1,680×2,600×2,150mm
Weight 9,100kg
Option Marking system, Auto nesting program
※ NOTE : Specifications are subject to change for quality improvement.

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