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Accurl Punch & Shear Metal Worker

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Universal Accurl Punch and Shear Ironworkers: Versatility and Precision in One Machine

Unlock the power of versatility with our Universal Punch and Shear Ironworkers, featuring multiple workstations designed to streamline your fabrication processes. These machines are equipped with the following essential workstations:

  • Punch Station
  • Angle Shear
  • Flat Shear
  • Round/Square Shear
  • Notch Station

Additionally, our Universal Punch and Shear Ironworkers come complete with a set of punch and dies for added convenience. The inclusion of two foot pedals allows for hands-free operation, while rapid height and depth settings ensure efficient workflow. The work tables feature stops for precise positioning, enhancing the accuracy of your work.

Moreover, we offer optional accessories to further expand the capabilities of your ironworker, including:

  • Channel Shear: Seamlessly cut channels to meet your project needs.
  • Ι-beam Shear: Precisely shear Ι-beams for structural applications.
  • T-bar Shear: Efficiently cut T-bars to size, enhancing your productivity.
  • Press Brake: Bend materials with precision and ease, adding versatility to your operations.
  • Angle Bending: Achieve precise angle bends for tailored solutions.
  • Pipe Notching: Streamline your pipe notching tasks with precision and efficiency.

Experience the epitome of versatility and precision with our Universal Punch and Shear Ironworkers, adaptable to a wide range of fabrication needs. Elevate your productivity and capabilities with these powerful machines at your side.

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