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Daito CUD / GTR Drilling & Sawing Beam Line

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DAITO CUD CNC DRILL – Carbide Ultimate Drill

  • Unrivaled Performance
  • Advanced Configuration with 3 Independent Drilling Spindles
  • Handles Milling and Tapping
  • Precision Layout Marking


DAITO GTR BAND SAW – The World’s Best Structural Saw

  • Double Mitre Capability
  • Full Digital Control for Precision
  • Smooth and Rapid Cutting with Linear Guides
  • Dual Cooling System (Flood and Mist)


Experience excellence in drilling and cutting with Daito’s powerful machines.

Multiple Line Options


Traditional drilling and sawing beam-line. Simple and Easy to manage. A true work horse of any structural steel workshop.

  • A compact system saves valuable shop space
  • High-speed drilling cutting equals higher output
  • Single source makes factory management smooth and straightforward


For the highest level of production split line systems are adopted. Daito split lines are for high production while maintaining Daito’s high flexibility and versatility

  • Machines are separated but still communicating with each other
  • Connected with buffers in between roller tables, reducing bottlenecks
  • For added flexibility, Daito can offer multiple loading and unloading stations



Precision Engineering: Independent Drill Heads with Sub-Axis

    • Enjoy unparalleled speed with 3 carbide drill heads.
    • Each drill head moves independently in all directions. (Sub-Axis)
    • Sub-Axis ensures accuracy and precise hole pitch.

Rapid 4-Side Layout Marking: Beyond High-Performance Drilling

    • Experience the future of efficiency with high-speed layout marking.
    • Rapid, clean, and precise weld layout markings on all 4 sides.
    • Includes under-web marking unit.


Capacity (max. width) 1020mm 1300mm
Drill Diameter 8-50mm 8-50mm
main motor 20HP 20HP
Drilling Units 3 3
Auto Tool Changer 3 3
Band Saw
Capacity Width 90º 1020mm 1300mm
-45º 600mm 800mm
+60º 350mm 400mm
Blade Size 9280 x 67 x t1.6 9840 x 67 x t1.6
Feed / Movement Digital servo drive
Coolant system Dual system (fluid and mist)

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