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Bay-Lynx Beam Cambering Machine

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Structural Beam Cambering Machines

  • Machine precision for bending structural steel beams
  • Ensures exact camber needed for the job
  • Easy to operate
  • Compatible with Wide Flange, Channel, and Tubular Sections
  • Self-contained for convenience
  • Precise and time-saving
  • Proudly made in Canada

Overview Beam Camber Machine

Our Cambercat Beam Cambering Units are specially designed to induce permanent camber into wide flange, channel and tubular beams. Our machines are designed for ease and speed of operation and are totally self contained so that they may be moved and stored when not in use. All mechanical and hydraulic components are standard items, and parts and service are readily available nationwide.
Kits for Camber Units

All camber machines are available in hydraulic and design kits. With these orders, we supply all components including measuring device, power unit, hydraulic valves, cylinders, hoses and fittings, and a complete set of fabrication and detail drawings.

Optional Features

CMS01 Measuring with Display
Bay-Lynx are the only manufacturer that has the digital readout option, it is a definite must for anyone in the structural steel business for repeatability and accuracy. see attached PDF. This saves time running string lines etc. our system gives you a live read during the camber process our competitors do not

100 AMP Fusible Disconnect (415V / 50HZ /3 PHASE)
Push Button Start/Stop, Motor starter 440 volts. C/W electronic overload.
Include the step down transformer for the digital readout

36” stroke
The benefit to the 36” stroke machine is time savings. It makes it so you do not need to change out the spacer tubes when your beam size changes

Lift and kneeling
Powered rollers with lift, so beam can just go through the line without being lifted off by crane.

Hydraulic Flange Hold Downs
Again all about time saving. If you don’t get them you might need to manually clamp as the beam could possibly shift up during cambering.


DEL  BC600  BC900  BC1200  BC1600  BC1900 
TOTAL PRESS CAPACITY 260 TON @ 5000 PSI 285 TON @ 3600 PSI 470 TON @ 4000 PSI 530 TON @ 4300 PSI 648 TON @ 4500 PSI
333 TON @ 4000 PSI
*MAX. BEAM SIZE W762mm x4623 mm @ 43.9 W914mm x4928mm @ 45.4 W914 x 6604mm @ 47.3 W1016mm x 7544mm @ 42.6 W1016mm x 8153mm @ 45.3
APPROX. WEIGHT 4,500 kg 7,250 kg 7,700 kg 8,160 kg 16,320 kg
MAIN CYLINDERS 203mm dia. x 305mm Stroke 254mm dia. x 305mm Stroke 305mm dia. x 305mm Stroke 305mm dia. x 305mm Stroke 355mm dia. X 305mm Stroke
CLAMPING CYLINDERS 51mm dia. x 229mm Stroke 64mm dia. x 229mm Stroke 83mm dia. x 229 Stroke 83mm dia. x 229mm Stroke 83mm dia. x 229mm Stroke
MOTOR 15 HP High Efficiency 230/460v 25 HP High Efficiency 230/460v 25 HP High Efficiency 230/460v 25 HP High Efficiency 230/460v 40 HP High Efficiency 230/460v
OVERALL DIMENSIONS 7239mm x 2591mm x 838mm 7239mm x 3048mm x 1169mm 7239mm x 3048mm x 1169mm 7239mm x 3048mm x 1169mm 8992mm x 3810mm x 1321mm

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