Kotec Korea

KOTEC are specialest manufacturers of industrial structural steel processing machinery.

We continue to contribute to the structural steel fabrication industry with maximum customer satisfaction. To reach this goal we have continued our investment in our product development.

Structural steel fabricating & processing machinery of KOTEC are well-known for high performance and reliability. Our customised features and dedicated after-sales service provided by KOTEC helps clients with guaranteed satisfaction.


KOTEC Co., Ltd

Beam Drilling & Sawing Machines 

Plate Cutting & Drilling Machines

Plate Bevelling Machines

H-Beam Welding Systems

KOTEC Products

KOTEC New Run 7 Drill Saw CNC Beam Line

The Kotec New Run 7 CNC beam drilling and sawing line is the perfect machine for small to medium steel ...

KOTEC SMB-20C Portable Plate Beveler

KOTEC compact portable beveling machine using carbide cutters resulting in a very high-quality finish.

KOTEC Twin X CNC Plate Drilling and Cutting Line

Kotec multi-function plate drilling and plasma cutting machine. Complete with the dual gantry design for the fastest and precise drilling, ...

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