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Technomark, Experts in Industrial Traceability Solutions and Industrial Marking

Over the past 15 years Technomark has become a reference in the permanent direct part marking industry.

Initially manufacturer of dot peen and scribing marking machine, we are offering global solutions for industrial traceability integrating laser marking know how.

Dot Peen and Laser Marking


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Technomark Products

Technomark Multi-4 DOT PEEN Marking Machine

The World's Best Fixed & Portable Marking Machine Revolutionary '4 in 1' Design Bench - For very small to medium sized parts. Hand ...

Technomark Multi-4 Mini. New ultra-compact head​

What is the dot peen technology ? Multi4 Mini The new ultra-compact head​ 360° use thanks to 4 different prehensions 100% adapts to ...

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