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Our Aim: To Become The Worlds Best

Message from Chairman

Since the establishment of Maruhide Koki Co., Ltd. in 1955,
we have strived to sincerely respond customers’ wishes,
and have integrated such points to our work.

With our major product “PIPE COASTER,” a high status cutting machine
which cuts pipes along correlation contour curves,
we have received appreciation from customers for about five decades,
and we have continuously strived for the research and development
in order to realize various requests from our customers.

We sincerely express our appreciation to your great support,
and are able to participate in several well-known projects like Tokyo Skytree.

We, as the expert in pipe cutting machines, will continue to innovate our products
and to enhance our service for greater benefit to all of our beloved customers.

We will greatly appreciate your continuous guidance and encouragement.

Factory, Tokyo Japan.

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Maruhide (Japan) MA Series CNC Pipe Profile Cutting

Save serious time and money on your next pipe fabrication job with a Maruhide Pipe Profile cutting solution. Our customers are ...

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