GEKA Products


Gamma Traction 250 CNC Angle Line

Gamma Traction 250 the best CNC punching machine for your needs in punching, drilling, marking and cutting large and medium-sized angled ...


GEKA Alfa 150 CNC Flat Bar Line

Geka Alfa 150 CNC punching and shearing line for flat bars from 25mm thick. Metal construction workers and structural steel fabricators, manufacturers ...


GEKA Alfa 500 CNC Flat Bar Line

GEKA Alfa 500 CNC punching and shearing line for automatically processing flat bars. Work involving metal structures, structural fabrication, electric panels and ...


GEKA Alfa 500/150 CNC Flat Bar and Angle Line

GEKA Alfa 500/150 automatic punching and shearing line that allows cutting flat bars up to 500mm wide and 19mm thick and angles ...


GEKA Alfa Plus CNC Flat Bar Line

Geka Alfa Plus automatic line for the punching and cutting of flat bars up to 40mm thick. The Alfa Plus, allows the ...


GEKA Gamma Traction 100 CNC Angle Line

GAMMA TRACTION 100 is the CNC punching machine by Geka Automation for processing angle sections with a traction system. This version is ...

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