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Technomark BUDDY – Portable wireless dot peen machine, controlled by smartphone


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Portable wireless dot peen machine, controlled by smartphone.

The Buddy equipment offers a brand new portable dot peen marking solution. Contrary to the majority of portable solutions on the market, Buddy is not dedicated for use on a production island but for 100% nomadic use. The operator has the freedom to move around as he wants without worrying about losing his connection, thanks to his smartphone that accompanies him and works as a controller. He can now mark in an indoor or outdoor environment without any distance limit.


Marking Head
Maximum distance between the marking head and the smartphone 10 meters
Size of the marking window 60x30mm and 120x60mm
Number of marking speeds 3 speeds
Number of marking forces 11 forces
Lithium ion battery 22V
  Marking Types
Markings types Alphanumeric content
Straight marking Text input
Angular marking Serial number variable
Radiant marking Data import variable
Mirror marking Time stamp variable
2D Codes Visuals
Datamatrix Logo
QR Code Symbol
Metals Plastics
Steel PVC
Cast iron Polyamide
Stainless steel Polycarbonate
Aluminium Polyethylene
Brass Polypropylene
Copper POM
Silver Acrylic
Other alloys
Non-exhaustive list, Ask for your sample marking test

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