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Technomark EASY – Portable, wireless, network-connected dot peen machine


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The Easy dot peen marking system from the Connect series offers an unrivalled level of functionality, which is easy to use whilst delivering an exceptional operating experience to the user. It is the ideal machine for mobile use that will allow the user to mark medium to large parts even in difficult to access locations.


Distance between the head and the controller 10m
Marking windows 60x30mm and 120x60mm
Number of marking speeds 3 speeds
Number of marking forces 11 forces
Lithium ion battery 22V
Screen 10 inches in tempered glass
Connectivity 1 Ethernet port and 3 USB ports
Controller holder Universal VESA 100 fixings for 3 holder configurations
Protection 4 protective bumpers and technical plastic shell
  Marking Types
Marking types Alphanumerical content
Straight marking Fixed text
Angled marking Sequential numbering
Radial marking Data import variable
Mirror marking Time and date stamp
2D Barcode Graphic types
Datamatrix Logo
QR Code Shape
ECC200 Symbol
Metals Plastics
Steel PVC
Cast iron Polyamide
Stainless steel Polycarbonate
Aluminium Polyethylene
Brass Polypropylene
Copper POM
Silver Acrylic
Other alloys
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