With 29 years of experience in the folding and cutting industry. Nearly 30,000 machines sold thoughout 92 countries all over the world. An annual production capacity of 2000 machines, which are built in our 45,000-square-meter production facility, ACCURL is the biggest sheet metal machine production company in the world.

Our four primary product classes: press brakes, hydraulic shears, laser cutting machines and punch presses. All of our equipment is designed around the European streamline design.


Press Brakes.


Iron Workers.

CNC Lasers.

Press Brakes

We have a model to suit any application. 

  • EASY BEND B Series Press Brake
  • SMART PRO S Series Press Brake
  • SMART FAB B Series CNC Press Brake
  • EURO PRO B Series CNC Press Brake
  • EURO GENIUS B Series CNC Press Brake

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Precision guillotine shears for sheet metal and plate.

  • EASYCUT S Series Swing Beam Shears
  • SMARTCUT S Series Swing Beam Shears
  • GENIUS S Series Hydraulic Guillotine
  • GENIUS B Series Hydraulic Guillotine

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Versatile punch and shear iron workers suitable for all steel fabricators.

  • Heavy duty design
  • Dual cylinder
  • 60T / 90T / 125T / 165T
  • Various packages available

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CNC Press Brake now with Electric & Hybrid Servo Drive with ePrAX®control  

Efficient – Fast – Precise

Accurl CNC Press Brake now with the Electro Hydraulic Servo ePrAX®control control press system newly developed by HOERBIGER close the gap between the valve controlled ePrAX®control basic and the servo driven high endePrAX®control max solutions for CNC press brakes. This systems is the consistent further development of servo driven press brake systems from HOERBIGER.


  • Fast – increased performance up to 10 % by reducing the cycle time
  • Efficient – improving energy efficiency of up to 50 % compared to conventional systems
  • Precise – up to 5 µm positioning accuracy (with high end cylinder / servo seals)
  • Flexible – strokes up to 500 mm realisable
  • Reliable – minimal risk of leakage
  • Whisper – reduced noise development in all operating modes
  • Compact – creates new space at the middle traverse
  • Compatible – simple integration into the CNC
  • Cost optimized – less installation and service expenses
  • Environmentally friendly – considerably reduced oil volume


Our Machines

ACCURL CNC Press Brake EURO-PRO 40300 (300T x 4000mm)

ACCURL CNC Press Brake. Model EURO-PRO B 40220: 4-AXIS for Y1 / Y2 / X / R-axis with Crowning ACCURL® design innovations ...

ACCURL CNC Press Brake EURO-PRO 40220 (220T x 4000mm)

ACCURL CNC Press Brake. Model EURO-PRO B 40220: 4-AXIS for Y1 / Y2 / X / R-axis with Crowning ACCURL® design innovations ...

ACCURL MS7 Series Guillotines

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear Main Features: Totally EU streamlined design, Monoblock by welding robots & aparatus and stress relief process by ...

ACCURL NC Pressbrake MB7 40220 (220T x 4000mm)

220 Ton x 4000mm (2 axis) Technical Specifications Totally EU streamline design. The mono block manufactured by welding robots & the stress relief ...

ACCURL MS8 Series CNC Guillotine

IN STOCK Precision Guillotine  Including Standard Features Germany ELGO P40 CNC Controller Variable rake design Motorised blade gap adjustment 750mm powered ball ...

ACCURL MB7-125Tx3200 NC Press Brake

125 Ton x 3200mm (2 axis) Standard Features High Precision Frame by Electric Welding Dual Cylinders ESTUN E21S NC Controller Upgrade ...

ACCURL CNC Press Brake MB8 41175 (175T x 4100mm)

175 Ton x 4100mm (6 axis) Standard Features Electric welding of high precision Synchronised Dual Cylinders Delem DA66T CNC Control Unit 6 automatic axes: Y1-Y2-X ...

ACCURL Punch and Shear Ironworkers

Double Cylinder Universal Punch and Shear Ironworker With 5 Work Stations For Punching, Shearing And Notching. Double Cylinders Punching Station ...

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