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Oree Laser RW Series. Fully Automatic Sheet Production Line

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Introducing the Features of the OR-RW Sheet Laser Production Line:

  • Compact & Organised Storage: Utilizes a 6-layer three-dimensional shelf structure for streamlined storage, enhancing space efficiency and organisation.
  • Efficient Factory Space Utilisation: Facilitates optimal utilisation of factory space, effectively increasing storage capacity while maintaining a rational layout.
  • Fully Automated Operation: Operates as a fully automated intelligent laser cutting production line, eliminating the need for manual supervision and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: Enhances production efficiency, leading to significant reductions in labor costs and optimising resource allocation.
  • Enhanced Safety Design: Incorporates a fully protected safety design for the flow line of sheet materials, ensuring comprehensive safety standards throughout production.
  • Modular & Expandable: Designed with a modular structure for enhanced flexibility and expandability, facilitating convenient disassembly and transportation as needed.

Rated Sheet Sizes
3000*1500mm/ 4000*2000mm/ 6000*2000mm
Number Of Pallet Layers
Maximum Weight Of Single Layer
Maximum Pile Height Of Single Layer
Applicable Models

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