ConstruSteel ERP & MRP

Software solution especially developed for the steel construction industry. This total solution consists of single modules in which a combination of multiple modules creates an integrated suite automatically. Connect with CNC machines, 3D BIM, MRP, ERP incl. financials. Integration of all technical and financial processes, key words: efficiency, quality, overview, control.

Paperless Office to Paperless Production.

Completely Modular System. 

You only buy what you need, when you need it.

  • Job preparation & Nesting
  • Production Control & CNC machines
  • Logistics, Stock & Traceability
  • Cost estimating
  • Planning
  • Project management
  • CRM & HRM
  • Budget control
  • Financials & Business administration
  • Full with integration TEKLA Structures
  • Open API interface for all CNC machine suppliers.

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Bar Nesting

TEKLA Plugins



Estimation 1

Estimation 2

Mobile Apps

Time Control for Office, Production and Erection

  • Book time on projects, activities and employees
  • Optional: book time on assemblys (for example: welders/fitters)
  • Instantly registered, directly in your system: Less administration
  • Progress of projects and budget control
  • Also usefull for payrolling
  • Time: Realtime booked or manually booked
  • Presence control included
  • Activities can be adjusted afterwards
  • Work and break time registered automaticly or manually

Bar Code for Time Registration

  • Scan projects, sub-projects, assembly’s and activities
  • Each employee wears it’s own scanner
  • From start till end of day all activities are registered on scanner
  • End of day all time will be booked on your projects
  • Integration with Tekla: Get barcodes on your assembly drawings

Production Control

  • Insight in orders
  • Insight in outgoing shipments
  • Handling deliveries and shipments
  • Traceability
  • Project status
  • Competed assemblies
  • Quality assurance

Logistics Control

  • Insight in projects
  • Approve / disapprove assemblies
  • Report assemblies ‘complete’
  • Feedback
  • All incoming goods directly visible in your mobile device
  • Checking incoming goods, completely or partially delivered
  • Allocating stock location
  • Input heatnumber of steel supplier

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