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IMET KS 450 FT Semi-Auto Mitre Bandsaw


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Compact Semi-automatic Bandsaw

KS 450 FT is the compact version of KS 450, IMET semi-automatic sawing machine for cutting pipes, beams, profiles and for steel constructions. The machine cuts at angle from 0° to 60° right and left.

  • 450mm Capacity



Cutting capacity at 0° Round: 350mm Square: 330mm Rectangular: 450x320mm
Cutting capacity at 45° right/left Round: 330mm Square: 320mm Rectangular: 320x300mm
Cutting capacity at 60° left Round: 210mm Square: 200mm Rectangular: 180x270mm
Cutting capacity at 60° right Round: 160mm Square: 150mm Rectangular: 150x270mm
Cutting capacity at 90° (solids) Round: 250mm
Cutting capacity (BUNDLE) Max. 400x250mm Min. 160x40mm
Blade size 4250x34x1.1mm
Blade speed 40/80 m/min
Variable speed inverter (ESC) 15/100 m/min
Blade motor 1.7/2.2 KW
Blade motor with inverter (ESC) 2.2 KW
Working table height 850mm
Dimensions 900x2500x2180mm
Weight 865kg

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