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Company specialised in the construction of machines for the bending and rolling of plate, sheet metal and profiles.

IMCAR S.p.A. was established in 1955 and it placed itself on national and international market as a company specialised in the manufacture of plate and profile bending machines.

The Company seat is located in Concorezzo, close to Milan, and near to the main communication ways.

Nowadays the company is extended on an area of 6000 square meters , 4000 square meters for machines production.

The range of products includes plate bending machines 2/3/4 rolls, with and without CNC, for thicknesses from 0.5mm to 100mm and useful lengths from 500mm to 6000mm.

With development of the markets and increase of competitiveness, IMCAR imposed itself with success also in the world of special bending machines, in order to offer to its customers a reliable advice service – problem solving – thus becoming an ideal partner.

In 2015 IMCAR has also established the American FST, Fabrication Solutions & Technologies, representative for plate bending machines and special installations for steel bending in the North American market, allowing a more widespread presence of the Company in a market where IMCAR machines have been well known for more than 30 years.

IMCAR Products

IMCAR Plate Rolls (1 to 8mm) – Model TSIH Asymmetric 3 rolls with pre-bending

Made in Italy Asymmetric 3 rolls plate bending machine with pre-bending

IMCAR Plate Rolls (2 to 20mm) – Model SIHR 3 rolls with pre-bending

100% Made in Italy Hydraulic 3 rolls plate bending machine with pre-bending The machine is fully hydraulic. Planetary movement of bending ...

IMCAR Plate Rolls (20 to 100mm) – Model SIH 3 rolls with pre-bending

100% Made in Italy  Hydraulic 3 rolls plate bending machine with pre-bending Three driver rolls with three hydraulic motors connected to ...

IMCAR Plate Rolls (25 to 120mm) – Model 3RHT Variable Geometry

100% Designed and Made in Italy 3 Rolls Plate Bending Machine - Variable Geometry

IMCAR Plate Rolls (3 to 50mm) – Model 4R and 4RHNC – 4 Rolls NC Controlled

100% Made in Italy Hydraulic 4 rolls plate bending machine with Numerical Control

IMCAR Plate Rolls (4 to 17mm) – Model SIHRV 3 Rolls Vertical

Vertical 3 rolls plate bending machine Made in Italy

IMCAR Rolls Automatic – HI-TECH 4

Hi-Tech System Hydraulic 4 Rolls Machine Made in Italy

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