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Toptec 4/5 Axis Automatic CNC Slotter

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CNC 450 Slotting Machine

Key Features:

  • Multi-Axis Operation: Equipped with 4/5-axis capability, including X, Y, C, Z, and optional A-axis, for versatile and precise slotting operations.
  • Auto Feeding: Offers automated feeding for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Experience advanced slotting capabilities with the Eastar CNC 450 Slotting Machine.


Main Features

  1. The main machine structure is made of high-quality cast iron, X, Y axis and Ram guideway are hardened and precision ground.
  2. All the slideways, main Ram guideway, and X, Y,Z axis ball screws are complete with automatic lubrication system to ensure the machine running smoothly and long life.
  3. The swivel head can rotate right and left direction. to ensure optimal keyway parallelism, It’s also for helical cutting or taper keyway slotting purpose.
  4. Use ultra-high load (Axial dynamic load up to 30 tons) high precision ball screw for Z axis plus full-cycle lubrication system to ensure safe life of ball screw running.
  5. The X, Y, Z axis are complete with HIWIN high precision C3 class double nuts ball screws and precision bearings specially for precision ball screw to ensure position accuracy.
  6. CNC-450 S model powered spindle head adopt precision AC servo motor drive 1:2 high precision gear set for high precision indexing accuracy, powered spindle head use BT50 spindle match with two high accuracy ultra-axial load tapered roller bearing to ensure enough heavy slotting force.

CNC Controller with Cutting-Edge Features

Key Features:

  1. SYNTEC (WIN-CE) CNC control system, high compatibility, and good stability.
  2. Complete with ladder and I/O diagnosis function, and modularized electric circuit system, Easy to maintain.
  3. Controller provides network function and USB access interface.
  4. Our controller can be combined with automated robot for human-machine collaboration to achieve the goal of smart factory (option).


Slotting Processing


  1. X, Y, Z axis C3 ball screws
  2. X,Y axis slideway covers
  3. X, Y axis ball screws protection covers
  4. Rotary Table
  5. Coolant system
  6. Centralised automatic lubrications system
  7. Electric box heat exchanger
  8. Portable MPG Handwheel
  9. Halogen work light
  10. Alarm light
  11. Adjusting tools & box

Optional Accessories

  1. Transformer (except for 220V)
  2. 3 jaws scroll chuck
  3. Screw chip conveyor
  4. Slotting bar
  5. Clamping kits set

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