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Toptec 3 Axis Automatic CNC Slotter

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X, Y Axis Auto Feeding & Auto Dividing

Key Features:

  1. Precision Design: X, Y Axis, and Ram slide way are hardened and precision ground for reliable performance.
  2. Taper Keyway Slotting: The head can swivel up to 30°, enabling slotting of taper keyways.
  3. High Precision Feeding: Utilizes AC-servo motor with high precision C3 ball screw for feeding, ensuring top-notch cutting accuracy and extended tool life.
  4. Tool Relief Function: Program includes an auto tool relief function, optimizing slotting surface quality and prolonging tool life.
  5. Automatic Lubrication: Equipped with a built-in automatic lubrication system to prevent wear and ensure durability.



CNC Controller with Cutting-Edge Features

Key Features:

  1. SYNTEC (WIN-CE) Control System: Offers high compatibility and exceptional stability, ensuring optimal performance.
  2. Comprehensive Programming: Complete with standard international G-code and user-friendly conversation program edit function.
  3. Internet Maintenance: Allows control system maintenance and software updates through the internet.
  4. Easy Maintenance: Features ladder and I/O diagnosis functions and a modularized electric circuit system for straightforward upkeep.
  5. MPG Simulation: Incorporates MPG simulation function to facilitate program testing and prevent potential accidents.
  6. Stable Memory Interfaces: Adopts USB and CF memory card interfaces for high stability and shock resistance.
  7. Multilingual Support: Provides standard Chinese and English language options, with the ability to develop other languages upon request.

CNC Controller Specification:

  1. SYNTEC (WIN-CE) controller.
  2. 10.4″ TFT-LCD colorful monitor.
  3. Built-in 16MB memory volume for programs.
  4. Standard USB Interface.



  1. X.Y axis C3 ball-screws
  2. X,Y axis slide way covers
  3. Coolant system with tank & tray.
  4. Centralised automatic lubrication system
  5. MPG Hand wheel
  6. Halogen work light
  7. Alarm light
  8. Adjusting tools & box
  9. Programmable auto tool backing off


  1. Square Tool Clamping Fixture
  2. Transformer (except for 220V)
  3. Slotting bar J
  4. 3 jaws scroll chuck
  5. Clamping kits set
  6. CE Standard



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