Check out our latest Daito DCM installation in NZ! It’s a game-changer, combining drilling and plasma coping robot functionalities into one, saving a ton of workshop space while boosting versatility. Plus, being made in Japan, Daito is the global leader in CNC steel processing machinery.

Australia’s favourite Beam Line.

Introducing the Daito DCM: Revolutionising Steel Fabrication

Versatile: The Daito DCM combines drilling, plasma cutting, and coping in a single, integrated machine. This versatility streamlines your processes, saving time and effort.

Space Optimization: Maximize your workshop space with a compact design that combines multiple functions, reducing the need for multiple machines and workstations.

Enhanced Productivity: Say goodbye to material handling hassles. The Daito DCM’s seamless workflow ensures efficient material processing, eliminating the need for transferring materials between machines.

Labor Efficiency: This machine demands minimal operator involvement, reducing labor costs and optimising manpower.