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IMET Record 350 Circular Cold Saw

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Manual and strong circular saw

RECORD 350 sawing machine is a robust and reliable saw for cutting metals (steel with a resistance of 70kg / m2). Equipped with swivel head and vice, it makes cuts from 0 ° to 45 ° to the right and left, also allowing cutting to 90 ° along the longitudinal axis.



Cutting capacity at 0° Round: 125mm Square: 110mm Rectangular: 160x90mm
Cutting capacity at 45°left Round: 105mm Square: 90mm Rectangular: 80x100mm
Cutting capacity at 45°right Round: 70mm Square: 65mm Rectangular: 60x70mm
Blade size 350mm
Blade hole 32mm
Blade speed 30/60rpm
Blade motor power 1.8/2.5KW
Coolant tank capacity 40l
Weight 206kg
Dimensions 600x1200x1060mm

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