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Cosen SH-5542-7550S-7662 Semi-Automatic

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Introducing Cosen’s Mid-Size Dual Column Semi-Automatic Bandsaws:

  • SH5542
  • SH7050
  • SH7550S
  • SH7662

Precision, Power, and Versatility in Modern Metalworking:

  • Ideal for various cutting tasks.
  • Dual column design ensures stability.
  • Semi-automatic operation for efficiency.
  • Designed for precision and accuracy.
  • A reliable choice for professionals.

Introducing the SH Twin Column range: Redefining Heavy-Duty Band Saw Performance

🔧 Hydraulic Dual Column Design: Unmatched stability and precision for your cutting tasks.

🛠️ Built to Last: Gearbox designed to withstand high lateral pressure without thermal distortion.

🌀 Infinite Blade Speeds: Inverter blade drive system for customized cutting speeds.

🌊 Stay Cool: Adjustable flood coolant system and synchronized wire blade brush for clean, efficient cuts.

🛡️ Enhanced Blade Support: Carbide blade guides, bearing, and cast-iron guide arms for superior stability.

⚙️ Secure Material Clamping: Motor-driven cast-iron hydraulic vise with split jaw design for reduced burr.

⚙️ Optimal Performance: Dual valve feed pressure and feed rate system ensures cutting precision.

⚙️ Automatic Tensioning: Effortless maintenance of blade tension with the automatic hydraulic tensioning device.

COSEN  SH-5542 SH-7550S SH-7662
Capacity Round 420 mm (16.5") 500 mm (20") 620 mm (24.4")
Capacity Square 420 mm (16.5") 500 mm (20") 620 mm (24.4")
Capacity Rectangle (HxW) 420x 500 mm (16.5"x21.6") 500x 750 mm (20"x29.5") 620x 760 mm (24.4"x30")
Blade Speed 20-100 m/min  20-100 m/min  20-100 m/min 
Blade Size (LxWxT) 5300x41x1.3 (208.7"x1.6"x0.05") 6040x54x1.6 (238"x2"x0.063") 7200x54x1.6 (283"x2"x0.063")
Blade Motor 7.5HP (5.5kW) 7.5HP (5.5kW) 10HP (7.5kW)
Hydraulic Motor 2HP (1.5kW) 2HP (1.5kW) 2HP (1.5kW)
Coolant Motor 1/8HP (0.1kW) 1/4HP (0.1875kW) 1/4HP (0.1875kW)
Workbed Height 700 mm (27.5") 700 mm (27.5") 600 mm (23.6")
Gross Weight 2300 kgs (5060 lbs) 2600 kgs (5720 lbs) 3900 kgs (8580 lbs)
Floor Space (LxWxH) 1100x2550x1900 mm (43.3"x100.4"x74.8") 1410x3150x2010 mm (55.5"x124"x79") 1200x3560x2360 mm (47.2"x140"x93")

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