IMCAR Rolls Automatic – HI-TECH 4

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Hi-Tech System Hydraulic 4 Rolls Machine
  • Made in Italy

IMCAR Hi-Tech – Hydraulic

Automatic bending installation for medium thickness complete of:

Pallet sheets loading

4 rolls bending machine


Finished piece storage


IMCAR Hi-Tech – Pneumatic

Automatic bending plant used with all our hi-tech machines

Complete with automatic ejector





IMCAR Hi-Tech – 4 Rolls Hydraulic

4 Rolls plate bending machine with initial pre-bend – bending – final pre-bend all in one stroke

Machine fully hydraulic for a reduced maintenance and a high efficiency

Hardened and ground rolls

Electronic positioner to produce in automatic polycentric and tube, working step by step with fixed speeds of rotation, pinching and bending of the plate; archive memory of 100 programs of 30 steps

Bending process without unbent parts even with small diameters

Hydraulic automatic shoulder opening

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