Epic UD Guillotine

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Under Driven Fully Hydraulic Guillotines Made In Australia. High Quality and Very Reliable.

  • Bar clamp
  • Recessed table
  • Full hydraulic
  • Hydraulic clamp
  • Front sheet support

Standard Features

  • Hydraulic shearing and clamping. 16 full strokes per/minute.
  • Hydraulic double acting clamp cylinder on fabricated v-clamp beam. Clamping pressure is automatically controlled by the cutting pressure. Double acting clamp cylinders lift the clamp bar of the sheared material. Allowing the sheared material to be pushed away by the top blade as it returns to the top.
  • Top beam guided by fully machined heavy-duty slides, lined with brass to provide long life and an excellent cut. Fully adjustable allowing for regrinds. With lubrication facility provided.
  • Electrics low voltage 24 volt to foot switch. Overload protection.
  • Cutting operation provided by large diameter hydraulic rams.
  • Squaring arm with rule in millimetres.
  • Fabricated rear shute for off cut material.
  • Clamp type back gauge, with fine screw adjustment, for final setting.
  • Front sheet supports.
  • Inching button.
  • Fixed rake.
  • Motor 5.5kW.
  • Photoelectric guarding to the rear.


  • Epic pneumatic sheet supports.
  • Epic electronic control back gauge on ball screws 600mm.
  • Power back gauge operator controls from the back, counter in mm
  • Super quality D2 blades recommended for shearing stainless steel


Model Length Capacity
UD2 1250 mm 2.0 mm
UD2 1860 mm 2.0 mm
UD2 2500 mm 2.0 mm
UD2 3070 mm 2.0 mm
UD2 3710 mm 2.0 mm
UD2 4020 mm 2.0 mm
UD4 1250 mm 4.0 mm
UD4 1860 mm 4.0 mm
UD4 2500 mm 4.0 mm
UD4 3070 mm 4.0 mm
UD4 3710 mm 3.0 mm
UD6 1250 mm 6.5 mm
UD6 1860 mm 6.5 mm
UD6 2460 mm 6.5 mm
UD5 3070 mm 5.0 mm
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