800mm – Daito GTA-5080 Bandsaw (Automatic)

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The Daito GTA-5080 Automatic Mitre Bandsaw blends Daito’s award winning and innovative engineering with Daito’s remarkable commitment to excellence in manufacturing, producing a finished product that is an absolute state-of-the-art. We then combine standard features that competitors have yet to conceive which make it easy to use, faster cutting and more accurate. All this with a lower cost per cut will be music to your ears.

This is an extremely sophisticated machine tool.

  • The machine knows the width of the beam or box tube when the machine vise closes and it knows the height when the Rapid Approach Arm touches the material.
  • The computer now knows the exact dimensions of the material and tracks the blade through the cut automatically increasing and decreasing cutting rates and blade speeds depending on where the blade is in the cutting process.
  • The result is significantly faster cuts, greater accuracy and the end to beams pinching the blade as it stress relieves during the cut.

Extremely practical front vice

  • The front vice allows easy trimming of both ends without having to turn the material.
  • It also allows the operator to retrieve remnants and pull them away from the blade for easy removal from the saw.
  • This vice can actually reach material on the entry side of the blade and pull it up to 360 mm to fine position material or to move cut pieces or remnants.

Features of the Daito GTA-5080 Automatic Mitre Bandsaw

  • The unique single column (cantilever) design utilizing linear ways (LM Guide) provides rigidity for the large left to right distances between guides normally presented by structural shapes.  This assures accuracy and vibration reduced cutting for longer cutting tool life.  This spectacular new design provides easy access and yet the rigidity that is normally associated only with twin column designs.
  • The mitering system is simple and accurate.  The operator has only to enter the desire angle into the computerized controls and the saw will automatically turn to the desired angle via encoder controlled power.
  • The machine pivots at the point of intersection of the blade and the vise reference line.  Positioning is powered.  Work positioning system utilizes a hydraulically lifted work roller which (along with the front vise) can move the material in either a “rapid” or “slow” speed in conjunction with a shadow line indicator to aid in fine positioning of material during set-up.
  • A hydraulic vertical clamping system dampens vibration when cutting larger sections and can be fixed to allow bundled cutting of smaller pieces.
  • Naturally, positioning of the massive moveable guide arm is linked with the main vise so that you always have your guides as close to the material as possible for maximum beam strength. There is a hydraulic hold down that exerts pressure on the web to significantly reduce harmonic vibration when cutting the web.  The hydraulic hold down not only contributes to remarkably quieter cuts but also increase blade life by minimizing the vibration to which the blade is subjected.
  • The Rapid Approach Arm causes the saw blade to rapidly approach the material and then automatically slow to the cutting speed just prior to tooth penetration. This reduces total cycle time by minimizing time wasted “cutting air”. Additionally, this device automatically establishes the height of the material so that the saw blade will return to the proper position upon completion of the cut.
  • A fixed 7 degree approach angle of the saw blade limits the area presented to the blade during cutting.  This allows the use of finer pitched blades to minimize tooth stripping and to provide faster cuts with better finishes.
  • Carbide guides, hydraulic power clamp front to back, backed up by Daito’s exclusive solid carbide roller assure accurate guidance, quieter cutting, less downtime and lower maintenance costs.
  • The massive saw frame provides a stable platform to mount the blade.  Tension and blade tracking are constant. Large diameter wheels limit stress on the blade to assure maximum life.
  • Blade speed change is achieved via AC inverter.
  • The hydraulic powered blade tension system provides error free blade tension to ensure accuracy and blade life.  A powerful haloid light beam system projects a shadow of the blade on the work piece for easy material positioning.
  • The machine is equipped with a spray mist type cutting fluid system that effectively lubricates the blade for extended cutting tool life but eliminates the problems and waste associated with cutting fluid running down the material and spilling onto the floor. This cutting fluid mist system is provided so that the problem of cutting fluid waste is eliminated providing lower cost per cut and a safer work environment.
  • Additional features include a motion detection which shuts the machine down in the unlikely event the blade should wedge in the material or if the blade should break.  A Hydraulic Vertical Clamp is included to facilitate bundled and nesting cutting. A Powered Chip Conveyor is provided to contribute to greater productivity.



Round 90° 500 mm
45° 400 mm
Square 90° 500 x 500 mm
45° 400 x 400 mm
Rectangular 90° 800 x 400 mm
45° 400 x 400 mm
Vice Capacity Max 845 mm
Min 65 mm
Force 1020Kgf
Blade Size 6860 x 41 x t1.27 mm
Saw Wheel Diameter 650 mm
Tool Box
Blade Speed (AC Inverter Control) 0 to 118 m/min
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3578 x 2637 x 3017 mm
Weight 7000 kg
Standard Accessories
Saw Blade 2 piece
Toolbox 1 set


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