510mm – Cosen M5 Bandsaw (Automatic CNC Controlled)

Cosen’s new M5 fully automatic CNC controlled band saw with servo drive & ball screw design for smooth, precise and accurate down feed and material feeding.

The easy to use CNC controller allows the operator to program multiple lengths and various quantities in the same length or job. The CNC also automatically controls the material feeding, mitre rotation, angle position, blade speed, down feed rate and pressure.

Cosen M5 is ideal for small to medium fabrication shops and steel service centres with cutting applications that require mitre cutting and automatic operation.

Machine Structure:
Saw frame travels along two linear guides by servo motor couples with ball screw.

This system offers high speed, smooth, and pulse free feeding.

Double-Sides Mitre Cut: M5 is capable of mitre cutting from +60゚to  -60゚.
Saw frame mitres from +60゚to  -60゚ via power gear driven rotating mechanism. When achieving desired angle, hydraulic lock down device will automatically lock down the angle ensuring cutting accuracy.
Servo motor & ball screw for vice travelling, made of heavy-duty vice with replaceable hardened wear plates, rides on two large guide shafts that are capable of handling extreme loads.  Both shafts are ground and chrome plated for durability and smooth material feeding.
10° blade cant is designed specifically for cutting structural steel such as H-beam, I-beam, channels, profiles, and etc.. at the best cutting conditions.
Blade Drive:
Directly drive motor and spur gear box, which possesses better efficiency than worm gear reducer, offers high transmission efficiency and stable blade tension.
Inverter blade drive system allows infinitely variable blade speeds to be controlled by the operator from the control panel with turn of a knob.  The system comes standard with LED readout for convenient and accurate setting of blade speed.
Blade Guidance & Lubrication System:
Carbide blade guides are activated hydraulically for consistent and correct carbide guide clamping to insure straight cuts. The guides are relieved to provide unsurpassed lubricating and cooling of the blade and blade guides.
The bearing guides eliminate blade stress by pre-aligning the blade before it enters the carbide guides. Two additional guides located on a central axis support the blade from the top, giving it extra penetrating force for faster cuts.
Heavy-duty guide arms effectively absorb vibration and enhance cutting result.  The movable guide arm is hydraulically actuated ensuring rapid and accurate movement.
Automatic hydraulic blade tensioning device provides correct blade tensioning when the machine is turned on and will slightly release the tension when the machine is not running.  This extends blade life.  The on-off hydraulic valve switch is an added feature making blade change quicker and easier
Integral coolant system. Coolant is supplied at three critical points: exit & entry of blade through blade guides, and middle of cut via adjustable flex hose.
Synchronized power-driven blade brush effectively cleans chips from blade to extend blade life.
Control & Automation:
Independent Control Station is located ergonomically at waist height featuring convenient accessing and ease of operation. All operator controls are positioned on the top of the control box and clearly labeled for ease of operation. The electrical components are located inside the control box with the main lockout disconnect on the front of the control box for safety and easy maintenance.
Digital Mitre Angle Display – Desired mitering angle is set hydraulically with an easy to read digital angle display to tenth of a degree.  Once the angle is set, angle can be secured with hydraulic lock down.
Use advance Mitsubishi controller with the function of programmable automatic swivelling, it is able to set 99 steps for vary cutting pieces, length and angle.  The control automatically compensates for Kerf loss after data input and requires no manual calculation of number of times to index. The control also automatically shutdowns the machine, blade motor, and hydraulics, once the programmed number of cuts or out of stock situation has been achieved.  The system includes an error feedback function enabling rapid troubleshooting through an error code to be displayed in the event of a malfunction.
Computerized Numerical Control features include:

·      Touch panel entry of programmable quantity, angle and length of cut with automatic shut-off for finished job(s) or out of stock.

·      Stored program(s) may be easily recalled and executed at will.

·      LCD Screen with Touch Panel Type Key Pad

·      Blade Speed Display

·      Blade Life Indicator

·      Feed Vice Position Display

·      Automatic Kerf Loss Compensation & Automatic Multiple Indexing up to 99M

·      Error Code Display Provides simplified self-diagnostics.

Precision proportionate value for optimal cutting performance in any material.
Installed sensors automatically detect top of material, as well as monitor cutting condition of the workpiece.
Guide arm and vices are automatically move to correct position when executing programmed jobs.
Material Clamping & Feeding:
Servo motor material feeding to ensure precise cutting length.
Single feeding stroke is 2.1M to save feeding time and working time.
Double Retracting Shuttle Vice Jaws operate simultaneously in open and close stroke enabling the opened shuttle vice jaws to freely travel along the crooked or miss-aligned stock.
Full stroke hydraulic front and rear vices enable clamping and unclamping of any material from the operator’s control station with touch of a button.
With two-speed stock feeding design, the material feed speed can be switched between low and quick modes from the control panel. This allows the operator to quickly move the stock into sawing area then finely adjust to the exact cutting position.
With two swivelling speeds, the saw frame swivelling speeds can be switched between low and quick modes from the control panel.
Ductile cast iron vice with replaceable hardened wear plates.
Computerized Numerical Control Multiple indexing for long cutting lengths of up to 99M maximum length, utilizing full shuttle length every index until desired length is reached.
Proximity switches sense both blade slippage and blade breakage and will automatically shut off the machine if either of these conditions should occur.
All blade covers, and guarding on the saw are painted Alert Orange to increase safety alertness.
All exposed electric wiring and hydraulic circuit are protected by conduits.
Electrical and hydraulic safety interlock prevents saw blade to start without vices securely clamped.
Blade “clip” device eases blade changing when necessary by holding the blade on the band wheel during installation, making it very easy for one person to change the blade.
Additional flushing hose for cleaning
Bi-metal saw blade
Tool Box with tools, levelling pads, and an additional wire brush
Operation & parts manual
MODEL M5  Computerized Numerical Control Band Saw Machine
MAX. CAPACITY(mm) Angle 0 ±45 ±60
310 310 200
310H X 310W 310H X 310W 200H x 200W
310H x 510W 310H x 350W 310H x 200W
SAWBLADE SPEED 20-135 m/min
SIZE (L x W x T) 5720 x 34 x  x 1.1mm
TENSION HYDRAULIC BLADE TENSION (Factory adjusted) (with pressure gauge)
GUIDE CARBIDE (Hydraulic Clamping Force)
SAW BLADE 3.75kW (5HP)
COOLANT PUMP 0.125kw (1/8HP)
FLOOR SPACE (LXWXH) 3249 x 2830 x 1858 mm


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