Neway FB CNC Boring Milling Machine – Floor Type

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Neway PB CNC Boring Milling Machine

FB CNC Floor boring machine is available with drilling, boring, reaming, countersinking, milling, slotting and threading. Add-ons with rotary table, angle head, universal milling head and spindle support sleeve enable reverse boring and multi surface process. Recommend for heavy machinery, vehicle, machinery engineering, aviation, aerospace, vessel, power generation, millitary, nuclear, metallurgy and environmen protection industries.


01. Strong structure

Large size component castings, optimized reinforcement, strong.





02. Extended machine bed

Static pressure guide rail and extended machine bed enable longer travel, low friction, creepless and stable operation.





03. Column wall design

Reinforced column wall thickness, deformation resistant.





04. Transmission system

Two grade speed change yields high torque reaching 9000Nm.

Model unit FB130H FB160HA
Worktable size mm 2000×2000 2500×2500
Max worktable load kg 20000 30000
T slot(No.*width) mm 9×28 11×28
Worktable index 0.001° 0.001°
Max rotary speed r/min 2 1
Worktable size mm 2500×4000 2500×6000
Column travel X mm 4000+1000×N 6000+2000×N
Longitudinal travelY mm 2000+500×N 3000
Ram travelZ mm 800 900
Spindle travel W mm 800 1000
Rapid traverse X/Y/Z/W m/min 8/8/6/6 6/8/5/4
Motor power kW 37/44 74/88
Max spindle speed rpm 2~1500 2~1250
Spindle taper BT50 BT50
Boring shaft dia mm Φ130 Φ160
Boring shaft torque N.m 2500 5000
Axial boring shaft resistance N.m 25000 50000
Milling shaft head dia mm Φ221.44 Φ280
Milling shaft torque N.m 3460/4150 6850/8220
Ram section size (L×W) mm 380×420 440×480
Number of tools pc 40(chain) 40(chain)
Tool shank MAS403 BT50 MAS403 BT50
Max tool dia/length/weigh mm/mm/kg Φ125/400/25 Φ125/400/25
Max tool dia (empty neighbor sell) mm Φ250 Φ250
ATC(T to T) s 5.5 13
Positioning(X/Y/Z) mm 0.032/1000 0.032/1000
Repositioning(X/Y/Z) mm 0.018/1000 0.018/1000
Positioning(W) mm 0.032/1000 0.032/1000
Repositioning(W) mm 0.018/1000 0.018/1000
Control system SIEMENS SIEMENS
Chip confryor chain type chain type
Machine weight kg 80000 120000
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