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COMAC Bending Machines are designed and manufactured on the basis of 30-years experience, with the goal of providing top level performance, high rate of accuracy and consistency, constant for all the life of the machine and almost maintenance free. Hence the structural oversizing of the parts subject to stress, the thorough precision of machining and the use of high quality oem components.

Moreover, the models produced in the previous years are continuously improved.

All models are available in several versions, conventional, with programmable positioners and with CNC Control.

All models of Series 3000 are compliant with EEC norm 89/392.

Technical characteristics

  • Three driving smooth rolls, for excellent drive of every type of profile with minimum surface damage.
  • Bending rolls independently adjustable, for double prebending capability on the leading and trailing end of symmetrical profiles.
  • Lateral guide rolls with three-dimensional adjustment.
  • Adjustable torque limiting device on top shaft to compensate for the differing peripheral speeds between top and lower rolls and to protect the machine components from overload.
  • Standard combination horizontal/vertical orientation.
  • One-piece fabricated steel frame.
  • Bending rolls of alloy steel, heat treated to surface hardness 60 HRC.
  • Free standing remote control station with low voltage armoured connection, foot pedals and push buttons.
  • Shafts rotate in high dynamic load roller bearings.


Standard equipment

is inclusive of a set of modular rolls, suitable for rolling most of the commonly used commercial sections, such as flats, angles, square and rectangular tubes, Tees, channels, beams. The three-dimensional lateral guide rolls can be adjusted to work very close to the bending rolls, minimizing the distortion of non- symmetrical profiles. Moreover, the guide rolls are equipped with the tooling to bend angle leg-in. This tooling can also be effectively used for calibrating the bending diameters or recovering radii too tight.


Numerical controls

Machines with numerical control are required for achieving and reproducing consistently curves included between straight parts, multiple-radius or compound curves, tapered or variable pitch helical coils, pancake coils etc. Two types of Numerical Control are available: both are equipped with an electronic profile detector for automatic alignment at start of cycle. The material feeding is always directly referenced on the part.


  • Control of three axes: feeding of the profile and position of the bending rolls – Feeding speed infinitely variable.


  • Control of three axes: feeding of the profile and position of the bending rolls – Feeding and positioning speeds infinitely variable. Capability of data interchange or connection with external PC via Floppy Disk, serial port or Local Area Network. Capability of modem connection for remote diagnostics or assistance. Additional CNC axes available.

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