Yamada FSD CNC Plate Drill

Affordable gantry type CNC plate drilling machine.

  • Single Spindle Series
  • Double Spindle Series
  • High Speed Series

Single Spindle

  • Our standalone Hydraulic Drilling machines are designed for easy installation for the client. All our drilling machines come standard with our automatic chip collector, remote control and laser guide functions.

Dual Spindle

  • With a maximum drilling diameter of 50mm and a maximum drilling thickness of 100mm, users can raise efficiency by stacking and drilling multiple work pieces at once without compromising accuracy or speed.
  • The standalone model allows for separated back and front work areas so clients can load and unload work pieces without interrupting the drilling process.
  • The machine is equipped with hydraulic clamps and manual clamps, thus enabling the drilling of irregular shaped plates.

FSDH Series High Speed Machine

  • The heavy duty structure ensures the stability and accuracy when drilling, it also prolongs the drill bit life and increases the speed and efficiency.
  • Our Extendable (Gantry) machines are used to make large steel structures. the machines include special software functions, such as graphic to plate alignment, auto-sort hole sequence, set 3 points to fit a circle and it can combine two separate groups of holes from to different files into one drilling program.
  • Servo controlled feed rate
  • Both spindles move independently of each other
  • Automatic Tool Changer *Optional
  • CNC Control
  • Screen 12” colour with graphics display, USB interface
  • Cooling device for CNC
  • EMI for servo driver system
  • Wireless Remote control
  • Alignment graphics angle to fit irregular plate position
  • Patterns
  • File input:  DXF file (circle can be used as drill hole) and or DXF file (point can be used as drill hole), G.M code (circle can be tell as drill hole), Input X,Y position on CNC, Pattern on CNC


Model FSD-1020 FSDM-1635 FSDM-2040 FSDE-4000 FSDE-5000 FSDE-6000 FSDE-7000 FSDH
Type Small Medium Linear Rail Linear Rail Linear Rail Linear Rail Linear Rail High Speed
Drilling thickness 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 75~100mm
Drilling capacity 14~50mm 14~50mm 14~50mm 14~50mm 14~50mm 14~50mm 14~50mm 14~50mm
Variable speed 100~600rpm 100~600 rpm 100~600rpm 100~600rpm 100~600rpm 100~600rpm 100~600rpm 3000rpm
Motor 5 HP 7.5 HP 7.5 HP 7.5 HP 7.5 HP 7.5 HP 7.5 HP 7.5~15 HP
No. of spindles 1 2 1~10 sets 1~10 sets 1~10 sets 1~10 sets 1~10 sets Auto adjust
Work area (zones) 1 or 2 1/2/3/4 1/2/3/4 1/2/3/4 1/2/3/4 1/2/3/4 1/2/3/4 3~7 M
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