Yamada FSP-D CNC Tube Cutting (300~800mm Dia.)

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The Yamada FSP-D is the best value CNC tube cutting machine of its type.

  • Designed for cutting Tubes and Pipes
  • Hypertherm Plasma units. Size depends on application
  • Dual chuck design, with fixed and traveling chuck
  • FastCAM Standard + Round Pipe Pattern Software


CNC Controller - AMG Windows Pipe Cutting Controller

CNC functions:

1)      Auto detection the starting point is pierce or edge cutting. Get the correct preheating time and the correct piercing motion to cut.

2)      Auto speed reducing —(100%-50%)when Circle Cutting or Plasma Cutting, reduce speed to get little or no bevel.

3)      Two different cutting speeds, when cutting thicker plates, the beginning speed should be slower than normal speed, in order to shorten the lead in distance.

4)      The CNC pulse setting is up to ” xxxx.xxxx “, 8 digital numbers in total. The CNC tolerance is 0.5 to ten million.

5)      Kerf Function.

6)      Pipe cutting function.(option)

7)      After kerf calculation, the end point of inner circle is protuberant or concave.

8)      Set radius or diameter input for kerf function.

9)      Gas cutting special function — pierce all starting points first (use improper nozzle ), then  back to starting points to cut the shape (use proper nozzle ).

10)   Auto continue cutting between each plate. To reduce piercing time, CNC will cut from one end of a plate to the next piercing point automatically.

11)   Auto nesting for circles.

12)   Automatically divide circles to 2 or 3 pieces when too big to cut.

13)   Root and cone development in CNC shape patterns.

14)   When cutting, cutting equipment can stop and move to anywhere to re-cut.

15)   Wireless remote control function — acc/ dec speed, stop, go on, forward, reverse, cut.

16)   Automatically acceleration/deceleration at corners.

17)   Automatic  plate alignment.

18)   I/O defined by user, if I/O relay breakdown. connect to another connection and redefine.

19)   Piercing motion can be defined by user.

20)   Include gas/plasma cutting condition, according to plate thickness.(Adjustable)

21)   Set kerf with CAM code table.

22)   Shape patterns are expandable.

23)   One or multi torch cutting square plate pattern (for gas cutting, and for plasma cutting)

24)   Many shape patterns for steel construction.

25)   Nesting on CNC.

26)   HPGL files converting function, it automatically nests cutting path-inside. Shape cutting first, than outside shape cutting last.

27)   Tracing function and data saving in CNC.

28)   Can easily and rapidly edit shape on CNC (by line arc concept, not by G, M code)

29)   Can convert end-plate-cover circle data to ellipse data for CNC cutting.

30)   Reverse acc/dec function(different with corner acc/dec),to extend machine life.

31)   File can be selected by date or by name.

Model  FSP-D 300 FSP-D 500 FSP-D 800
Round Pipe Diameter (mm) 50-300 50-500 50-800
Square Pipe size (mm) 30×30-200×200 30×30-300×300 30×30-400×400
Pipe Length (mm) 6000 12000 6000 12000 6000 12000
Round Roller Support (set) 2 4 2 4 2 4
Square Pipe Support (set) 1 2 1 2 1 2
Auto Bevel Function for Round Pipe 
Total Price 
Software FastCAM Standard+FastPipe
X Mitsubishi Servo Motor/Driver
Y (6M direction) Mitsubishi Servo Motor/Driver
Z (Up/Down) Mitsubishi Servo Motor/Driver
C (Rotation) Mitsubishi Servo Motor/Driver
Rapid Speed 9000 mm/min
Plasma Cutting Speed 0 ~ 6000 mm/min
Flame Cutting Speed 0 ~ 1500 mm/min
Positioning Accuracy 0.1 mm / 3000 mm
Repetitive Accuracy 0.1mm 
FastFrame (USD)
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