Used (2015) Daito CRII-1040 CNC Plasma Coping Robot and Beam Processing Line

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Used (2015) Daito CRII-1040 CNC Beam Processing Machine.

  • Extremely well maintained and serviced.


  • Yaskawa Motoman Robot
  • Hypertherm HPR-260XD High Definition Plasma
  • Daito unique small parts handling system
  • Fully enclosed guarding
  • Process the whole beam with Daito’s hybrid pinch roller and feed bar system.

Daito “Versacope” CRII-1040

Daito’s next-generation all in one plasma robot is capable of producing a wide variety of products. This new series incorporates a completely new design and hosts many new features that will further enhance Daito’s reputation as the world-leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools for the steel construction industry.

Daito 6 axes robotic arm is capable of processing a wide variety of jobs. Daito 6 axes robot automatically compensates 4° for the natural taper of the plasma. This is done to ensure straight proper cuts.

  • Cut bolt holes
  • Cut slots
  • Cut to length
  • Mitre cuts
  • Flange thinning
  • Weld preps
  • Any cope

These are just a few examples of the processing that the new CRII-1040 is capable of.


Pinch Roller & Push Bar Hybrid System

  • Since the feeding/measurement mechanism is attached to the coping robot, the Daito structural line has no obstacles, unlike the carriage feeder system of our competitors. As a result, beams can be loaded from both sides of the roller tables.
  • Processing longer beams other than standard is quite easy, unlike a carriage feeder.
  • The measurement accuracy is not affected by uneven roller tables or bent beams.

Competitor’s disadvantage

  • Beam transfers from only one side because the carriage is in the way.



  • Daito’s compact rigid construction saves valuable shop space. The machine is fully enclosed to ensure a safe, clean work environment.


  • Fume is collected with an air blow creating “Cyclone” effect. That is removed by powerful vacuum.


  • Daito’s “Pinch Roller” and “Push Bar” hybrid feeding system enables for fast and accurate positioning of material.


  • Daito’s advanced control incorporates Windows and Daito’s exclusive DIS software for the most advanced systems.


  • Short to long workpieces can be pushed out from the line to the unloading table.


  • The best way to move the workpiece to multiple areas is by the Daito lift & carry transfer system.


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