Daito CR2 Versacope Beam Coping Robot

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This is the one machine every steel fabricator should be looking to implement into their factories right now. Produce more for less while making your workshop safer.

1 Machine – Endless Possibilities

  • Cut high quality bolt holes and slots
  • Miter cuts and Cut to length
  • Holes of all sizes
  • Layout marking, Cleat positions and Part numbers
  • Weld prep bevel cuts
  • Notches and Cut outs
  • And much more

Daito CR2 ‘Versacope’ Beam Coping Robot

The Daito Advantage

  • Automate Complex Fabrications: the machine automates the truly difficult time consuming portions of fabrication such as copes, bevels, slots, cutouts, layout marking and part labelling in addition to bolt holes and cut to length.  Tasks that would take 10-20 minutes are now done in 45 seconds.  Multiply a 10-20 minute savings by thousands and thousands of operations per year and it becomes obvious why the return on investment is usually less than a year.
  • Can replace many machines such as a drilling machines, bandsaws, angle lines, oxy coping machines and plate cutting machines which would be required to match the capabilities of the Daito CRII.  Your shop is instantly automated in every area of fabrication not just parts of it.
  • Eliminates Mistakes With Layout Marking: Prevent unnecessary mistakes such as incorrect interpretation of drawings by unskilled workers which are obviously a costly disruption to a shops production flow. With the CRII welding information, cleat positions, lifting points and part numbers are all automatically marked in the right place with machine accuracy. This dramatically reduces fabricating times, decreases cost and increases output.
  • Reduce Material Handling: A typical structural fabrication plant picks up beams and moves them anywhere from 6 to 13 times while it is being processed.  This is very wasteful not only for the person moving the beam but for the rest of the shop since every one stops working to look when a large beam is being moved around.  No value is added to the beam when it is moved from place to place, its a complete waste.  The Daito CRII fabricates everything in one place, in one pass, eliminating the double and triple handling of beams which also eliminates the need for the rest of the shop stop working and watch the beam being moved around.
  • Machine Is Always Busy: even in small shops because it is so flexible and does such a variety of work it can handle almost every fabrication function on any piece of steel… you will always have something to run on this machine… in never sits idle… always giving you a return.
  • Small Footprint, Small Floor Space: Daito CRII takes up about as much floor space as a mitre bandsaw and its in and out roller tables, leaving the rest of the shop for actual work space where fitting, welding, painting etc… The Daito CRII In-feed roller tables can also be installed outside the building, creating even more workshop space.


Endless Possibilities

Daito-CR-Beam-Plasma-Coping-Robot-07 Daito-CR-Beam-Plasma-Coping-Robot-06 Daito-CR-Beam-Plasma-Coping-Robot-05

Coping Robot CRII 7030 CRII 1040
Robot Travel X / Y / Z 800 / 700 / 300 mm 700 / 1000 / 400 mm
Machine Weight 8000kg 8000kg
Max. Length No Limitation No Limitation
Max Cutting Capacity
Max. Width 700mm 1000mm
Max.  Height 350mm 430mm
Plasma Hypertherm HPR-260XD Hypertherm HPR-260XD
Max. thickness 50mm
Max. Piercing 35mm
Min. hole Dia.=1.5 x t
Feeding Speed 30m/min 30m/min
Clamping force 1200kgf 1200kgf
Motor 2.2kw 3.7kw
Material Holding
Vice Hydraulic Hydraulic
Vice Clamping force 1000kgf 1000kgf
Max. Open 730mm 1050mm
Min. Clamping 40mm 65mm
Vise Height 320mm 320mm
Machine AC200V 75A   26KVA
Robot Control AC200V 15A   5.2KVA
Plasma 415V 52 KVA (100 A)
Dust Collector 415V 15KW  (26A) 415V 15KW  26A
Machine 0.8MPa  7080l/h 0.8MPa  7080l/h
Dust Collector 0.65MPa 0.65MPa
Oxygen 0.8MPa  4250l/h 0.8MPa  4250l/h
Argon 0.8Mpa   4250l/h 0.8Mpa   4250l/h
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