Daito CSD3C GTR Drill Saw Beam Line

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3 Spindle Carbide Drill & High Speed Bandsaw

Datio’s latest generation drill and saw tandem line system is one of the worlds fastest, most productive and most accurate beam solution’s ever made.


  • High speed carbide drilling
  • High speed band sawing
  • 3 x independent travelling drills
  • 4 sides layout scribing
  • Dual mitre cutting
  • Performance optimised through the CNC

Daito Beam Line

Some might say that the phrase “state-of-the-art” was coined in anticipation of the new Daito CSD3C GTR Tandem Drill Saw Beam Line.

The all new Daito CSD3C series carbide drilling machine automatically drills and marks and scribes structural beams by moving the material through the machine via a sophisticated pinch roller system. Other high production features include  carbide drilling by 20HP spindle motors, four vertical clamps, beam width verification, flange supports, web support, unitised and compact construction, automatic tool changing for all spindles, underside layout scribing, two large diameter measuring discs, powered cleaning brushes and much, much more.

Then couple this amazing drill with the even more amazing GTR series high speed bandsaw. This machine is loaded with innovations and they all add up to speed and accuracy, including the ball screw, servo drive design coupled with linear guide ways for smooth operation. Also by not having to use the hydraulic cylinder to
control the feed rate like other manufacturers, allows Daito the best possible control and the results are faster, more accurate cutting and prolonged blade life.

Overall there is no better drill saw beam line on the market. Contact us to see it in action, in person, in a city near you.


DRILL  CSD3C-1050 CSD3C-1350
Capacity (max. width) 1020mm 1300mm
Drill Size 8-50mm 8-50mm
Main motor 20HP 20HP
Drilling Units 3 3
Auto Tool Changer 3 3
Layout Marking Yes Yes


Capacity Width 90° 1020mm 1300mm
-45° 600mm 800mm
+60° 350mm 400mm
Blade Size 9280 x 67 x t1.6 9840 x 67 x t1.6
Coolant system Dual system (fluid and mist) Dual system (fluid and mist)

Drill Features


Each of the 3 drill heads travel independently in all directions allowing all holes within range to be drilled without having to continually re-index or moving the workpiece. The less you have to move the material means your processing will be more efficient, more accurate and more productive. 

  • 3 x Automatic Tool Changers (ATC)
  • Automatic positioning compensation
  • 4 x Independent powered feed rollers
  • 4 x side scribing for layout marking and cleat positions
  • Web and flange supports (a must for carbide drilling)
  • Automatic chip sweeper and chip conveyors
  • Fully enclosed guards for operator safety

Bandsaw Features

  • Dual Mitre Cutting Left / Right
  • The saw frame automatically swivels left and right, -45 degree Right and +60 degrees Left.
  • Mitre position is controlled by the CNC and driven by servo motor and absolute encoder.
  • Zero backlash swivel frame.
  • Optimised cutting by CNC
  • Automatic work height recognition
  • Servo drive and Ball screw
  • Linear guide ways for smooth operation
  • Trim cut removal by magnet (*opt.)
  • Automatic pinching escape
  • Last cut function
  • Dual Flooding and Mist coolant system with built in coolant tank in the base of the machine

Fixed Work Piece, Travelling Drills Method


To determine precise web hole positions, the exact beam width is automatically verified. This is a standard Daito feature. Daito’s CNC controls are self-diagnostic so that problems are quickly and easily identified and corrected.

Daito is the world’s leading manufacturer of CNC Drilling machines, band saw machines and material handling systems for structural steel. Daito is respected for their innovative product designs, uncompromising quality, exceptional product support and service.

The CSD3C is fully covered top to bottom. This keeps all safe when the chips start flying and it insures a clean, healthy work environment.

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