Daito CRII AISC Approved Plasma Cut Bolt Holes

AISC Approved Plasma Cut Bolt Holes.

Did you know plasma cut holes using the Daito CRII series Plasma Coping Robot are acceptable by the (AISC) American Institute of Steel Construction as clearly stated in their 2005 AISC specification and other publications such as Modern Steel construction magazine. (See the included Documents)

The 2005 AISC States that “thermally cut holes shall be permitted with a surface roughness profile not exceeding 1,000 µin as defined in ASME B46.1. Gouges shall not exceed a depth of 1/16.”

*Independent lab testing results state that our plasma cut bolt holes produced by the DAITO CRII Series Plasma Robot exceeds the above requirements!*

  1. These test results have proven even our roughest location of 60 µin is still 5 times better than the permitted roughness of 1000 µin. The overall Average was 41 µin cutting 4 holes, and testing at 4 locations per Plasma cut bolt hole that result in a roughness 24 times better than required by ASIC.
  2. All testing was performed in accordance with ASME B46.1
  3. The Evaluation was performed on the plasma cut surface of the holes, at 4 different locations per hole. Our competition only checks 2 locations.



Lab results included in this documentation.

Daito Test results are a direct reflection as to the unrelenting commitment to the high quality equipment that Daito has been building for over 56 years. Daito has been perfecting the plasma robot for structural steel and its ability to plasma cut bolt holes, ever since we participated in the 2005 Montreal NASCC (AISC) with the first prototype CR1040 plasma robot. Since that time Daito has been updating the construction, software, cutting systems, robot and overall machine for the quality of cuts you see in these tests.

DAITO is your only choice when it comes to high quality metal work machine tools for structural steel industries.



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