New Daito CR-1000 CNC Plasma Coping Robot

All new machine for 2020

  • Completely new frame with even more rigidity. This reduces vibration and results in even better-cutting quality, which in turn equals better end results.
  • The new positioning of the robot that allows underside cutting and marking.
  • New faster robot.
  • New Hypertherm XPR300 plasma
  • New controller and software.
  • Easier to use graphical user interface.
  • Better nesting /optimisation built-in.
  • Machine feedback.
  • Remote assistance and diagnostics.
  • The machine is now 8 axis (6+2 axis)
  • New walk-through door design.
  • Faster laser measurement.
  • 4WD pinch roller feed system.

We have a special opportunity on a brand new machine we can use as a demonstrator and show prospective clients the machine in a real-life workshop environment.

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