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Used Daito DNF1050 / GT7010CNC Drill Saw Beam Line 1000mm

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Used Tandem Drill Saw Beam Line. DNF1050 Drill and GT7010CNC Saw 

  • 3 spindle drill with independent multi-axis travel for each drill head
  • High speed bandsaw (worlds best bandsaw)
  • Tandem line configuration
  • Year: 2007
  • Capacity: 1000mm
  • includes: in-feed and out0feed roller tables 18m+

Explore Our Best-Selling Models: DNF Series and GT7010CNC

At Daito, we’re proud to showcase our best-selling models, each representing the pinnacle of engineering excellence and industry leadership.

DNF Series – Structural Steel Drilling Machines: Daito’s DNF series stands as the global No.1 best-selling model for structural steel drilling machines. These machines have earned their reputation for their unique features and unwavering reliability. Professionals worldwide choose the DNF series for its exceptional performance and cutting-edge capabilities, setting the industry standard.

GT7010CNC – Advanced Cutting Technology: The Daito GT7010CNC is the result of decades of cutting-edge technology, meticulously computerized to create the most advanced cutting conditions available today. It outperforms expectations and has garnered enthusiastic acclaim from a growing number of end-users in the marketplace. With precision, efficiency, and innovation at its core, the GT7010CNC is redefining the cutting experience.

These models represent our commitment to excellence and our dedication to providing the best solutions for our customers. Join the global community of satisfied users who trust Daito for their cutting and drilling needs.








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