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Software solutions specially developed for the steel construction industry.

This total solution consists of single modules in which a combination of multiple modules creates an integrated suite automatically. Connect with CNC machines, 3D BIM, MRP, ERP incl. financials. Integration of all technical and financial processes, keywords: efficiency, quality, overview, control.


Machine Control with ConstruSteel

ConstruSteel uses standard file formats for integrating with all machine suppliers. Like the DSTV+ format is used for nested bars, other formats e.g. for scribing or welding can be used for fabrication of assemblies. ConstruSteel has an open interface for all machine suppliers. Fabrication information can be sent to all brands of machines

To be able to forecast problematic items in production and assembling and to take the necessary preventions to avoid them, the ConstruSteel system is able to define the parameters of production machines. ConstruSteel will provide you, for example, the possibility to define a list of default solutions for all kind of machine-related production problems.

Production Control with ConstruSteel

With ConstruSteel’s steel Production Control Management you monitor the entire production progress of all parts and assemblies. This solution uses Track & Trace functionality and answers questions like: ‘Are all the assemblies finished?’ or ‘In what stage of the process is a certain part?’ or ‘What is the status?’ or ‘What steps are still left for this assembly?’, Be in control of your steel production process.

The information is gathered during:

  • Pre-processing
  • Fabrication & Offcuts
  • Transport & Treatment
  • Steel Erection

Steel fabricators using the steel Production Control Management solutions can customize which sub-processes are important for the company to follow and monitor for progress information.

Extract information to:

  • Understand and visualize the progress of parts and assemblies
  • Record what work each employee has completed and when
  • Analyze how much work has been done per unique part
  • Compare with other identical parts and employees
  • Make smart selections based on a status
  • See which assemblies are transported to the finisher and/or construction site.

Benefits with steel production control

  • Real-time reporting operations
  • View shipping status
  • See part status
  • View assembly status
  • Perform quality checks and automatic CE marking documenting
  • Track work completed by unique assembly
  • View details of an assembly, such as the registered hours and status changes
  • Dynamically update in real-time

Scribing for Tekla with ConstruSteel

Optimized contour shapes and minimal production time using scribing. Advanced Scribing for Tekla has a lot of useful functionalities like scribing full or partial contours and even pop marks to indicate the position of the parts that have to be welded. It is possible to indicate what type of scribing has to be used for different profiles.

A punching-shearing system or a drilling-cutting/sawing system is able to easily place a pop-mark on a steel profile with the drilling tip or punch. Also, plate processing systems with a cutting and drilling unit can easily place these pop-marks. The production output will increase and the machine downtime is reduced to a minimum because changing machine tools is not necessary. All scribing is done fully automatically (DSTV-files), so failure costs are also reduced to a minimum because the information is transported 1-on-1.

Scribing information from Advanced Scribing for Tekla can be sent to all scribing machines, for example, Ficep, Voortman, Kaltenbach, Daito, Behringer and Peddinghaus.

Bar Nesting / Beam Optimization with ConstruSteel

Manage key production processes: material nesting, purchasing, creating cutting lists, parts or work shop lists. Save material, save time, save money. How? Discover the benefits for your company with this Webinar.

Tekla plugins with ConstruSteel

ConstruSteel takes Tekla integration to the next level:

Our unique Tekla Structures plug-ins for the benefit of Scribing, bar nesting, job preparation and estimating have been released!


All our Tekla plug-ins are available in the Tekla Warehouse.

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