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AWEA has been contributing to the development and production of machining centres for 33 years and sold machines to 38 countries or regions around the world.

The production portfolio includes 5-axis, multi-face, vertical, horizontal, and other type of machining centers; especially the large gantry type machining center is well acknowledged in the global market.

The product applications includes aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, energy, electronics, communications, machinery, molds, and other professional manufacturing fields, in which AWEA machining centers have left a significant presence.


In order to provide a wide array of products and services, we invested in the Taichung Plant to manufacture C-Frame Vertical Machining Centers (VMCs) in 2000. In virtue of sophisticated manufacturing techniques and experiences as well as strict quality assurances, C-Frame VMCs became the most popular with our clients. Accordingly, Taichung Plant enjoys dramatic sales growth in this production line. To expand our businesses even further, we launched the Chungke Plant, in Central Taiwan Science Park. The recently completed Chungke Plant occupies as much as 8 times Taichung Plant’s capacity.

In Hsinchu Plant, the bridge-type machining center line has gained continuous praises from buyers worldwide as well. Inspired by customers’ positive feedbacks, we optimized our capacities with two new buildings for new production lines. The current lines of Hsinchu Plant include high-speed bridge-type machines, gantry-type bridge-type machines, 5-axis bridge-type machines and horizontal boring machines.

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