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IMET KS-450-620 Semi-Auto Double Mitre Bandsaws

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The IMET (Italy) KS series bandsaws are hydraulically driven semi-automatic bandsaws.

Suited for cutting metal profiles and solids with mitre cuts from left to right.

  • Capacity 450mm & 620mm
  • Made in Italy
  • Very affordable

Standard EquipmentImet KS-450-600 Bandsaw 11 Imet KS-450-600 Bandsaw 10 Imet KS-450-600 Bandsaw 08 

  • In compliance with CEE Safety Standards and Electromagnetic Compatibility Norms (EMC). EN60204-1, EN-55011, EN-50082-2, low tension 24V, general switch which can be locked, minimum tension coil, thermo-magnetic overloads motor protection, emergency button
  • Semi-auto cutting cycle: fast approach of the saw frame to the cut-start point, then the machine adopts the cutting speed until reaching the cut-end point, which is checked by a microswitch; as a final step, the saw frame goes back to the cut-start position
  • Dual mitre cutting (KS-450 60° left, 60° right) with automatic stops at the positions 45° left, 45° right and 0°
  • Steel saw frame with tubular section
  • Mechanical blade tensioning, microswitch for checking the tension, instant stop in case the blade breaks or is not tensioned
  • Worktable supported by preloaded central bearing
  • Supporting roller of 500mm width, both on the loading and unloading side
  • LED located on the control panel for checking: blade tension, blade protection opened, motor thermic overload
  • Hydraulic front vice free to slide transversally on the worktable, supported by recirculating-ball guides; quick approach to the workpiece-blade
  • Cleaning device by means of a motorised brush
  • Floor stand equipped with removable chips collector, hydraulic unit with oil, tank and electric pump for coolant
  • Blade guides with hard metal pads and driving bearings
  • Bi-metal band
  • Wrenches and manual of instructions, maintenance and spare parts

*Optional roller tables with back stops and digital length measurement devices. Imet KS-450-600 Bandsaw 06 Imet KS-450-600 Bandsaw 07

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